Notables are nothing more than names to populate the world being created with some palpable credibility. It lends life to an otherwise barren map. Given it is meant to run a wargame at a higher level, command and control of armies, we do not need to note down the name of the notable sail maker operating out of Portus Palus. We need to focus on commanders and leaders. If any junior leaders and underling notables are noted throughout the campaign they will make their way into the war diary.

Again I am using guidelines from the Wargaming Guide book and throwing some home brewing, rolled to discover how many Legati each party would have. A simple D6+1 did the trick, with the +1 being the Pro Consul already named before, so each party would have the Pro Consul leader and a pool of Legati ( legion commanders ).

In addition I included a bonus notable to act as the Senate presence and it will have its own unique mechanism during the campaign and may trigger some events under certain circumstances, but we will see those if they ever arise.

photograph of the hall of Roman busts in the Eaton Gallery of Rome of the Royal Ontario Museum
by Jason Zhang, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

All the notables are as follows, again taking the liberty of drawing inspiration from whatever sources including wargamers nicknames which have been bastardised and otherwise adjusted to a more Latin form.

As a further note I named the conflict as preparation for an eventual future of the series.

Chapter First – Vella Rem Triarch Wars

( you may want to consult the map )

notable personalities

from Ipses Briga, seat of the Respublica Senatus

  • Vella Dictator Idis Jesterus

from Caerula, region seat of the Throni party

  • Pro-Consul Gallenus Steelfanus

Three appointed Legati:

  • Claudius Hexicus
  • Gimpys Venatus
  • Todius Vardrobu

from Rubri Mons, region controlled by the Regnum party

  • Pro-Consul Aeneas Jezzanus

and four appointed Legati

  • Hextarien Antilles
  • Deniis Svitaes
  • Roufus Gladius Venatus
  • Toni Tabula Vita

The next entry will be to discover how competent and bloody idiots they all are in their ability of command and control using a simple “chit draw” using the Dawn of Battle pieces representing generals which display command ratings and control and combat abilities.

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