Wargames with the Young Bloods #1

this entry was written in February 2021 and first published in ConSimWorld Community


Another year another road full with projects and games to try, miniatures to prepare, terrain to make, counters to clip and rules to learn.

It is even more necessary in the current global situation, by the grace of God being born and raised and living in a developed first world country, to fill the open space and time with hobby projects else I go mad with so much time spent around home.

This means normal routines get shattered and the schedules I had taken for granted – that hour after family time in the evening where i could sit down at the table and focus on the hobby – are gone and as such a new format needs to gain shape.

It became clear that resolutions had to be made, especially because with the entire household at home working and attending remote classes chances are all corners of the place are always occupied. Blessed be that the gaming table can stay up with the exception I cannot put any big game on, because of the variety of games we playing, so there’s always a 4×4 space ready to throw something, while the other 3×4 space is permanently occupied with some game – at this moment is The Last Hundred Yards as I keep recording playthroughs explaining the rules.

On the other side of things there’s a few projects, which will involve the younger generation, now in their teens.

They are not drawn to board wargaming. They might play Tank Duel or some other similar format, even Albuera 1811 but anything similar to a hex wargame is not their thing but when one asks – let’s play a game ? – their imagination almost exclusively falls into the miniatures wargaming realm.

And the sort of not entirely historical but, gladly, loosely based in history.

So, with that in mind we set out for a 2021 project that involves a group of 4 youngsters and me as sort of game master.

And yes, it is the solid and good cross of wargames and roleplaying elements which attracts them. They do not want a full “theatrical” approach as they cannot see the point of the new vogue of “table chatter” rpg that is being sold but want to touch, feel and see the characters in action in the table while rolling dice, drawing cards and whatever, while having to make decisions together to overcome the violent scenarios.

I must say i’m very much looking forward to this and knowing the younger generation wants to pick up the hobby is a good feeling.

After all it is all wargaming. Be it a piece of cardboard or a miniature it is all just a method of visual representation and thus subjective to the eye of the beholder.

Next chapters will include the rules to be used, the creation of their respective characters and retinues/crews/warbands and all of that jazz.

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