This Accursed Solo War – notable(s) qualities

In the previous entry I got to share the names of the personalities that will be present at the very start of the conflict but that isn’t enough.

What I also needed to know is how good they are as commanders and what are their qualities in relation to their presence in the battlefield when we resort to Dawn of Battle, by Mike Nagel, to play them out.

The method was simple and has been tested through for decades. A mini game of chance allows us to generate their personnae, by the use of a popular mechanism known as chit pull.

What I did was put all the counters from Dawn of Battles that represent generals in a cup, apart from two specific counters that are used to generate a general in battle for a single turn and have no characteristics in print, and mix them and pull them out one by one.

What I discovered was remarkable and furthered my discovery of the land and regions and factions that populate the wargame.

From the Dawn of Battle rulebook

The numbers noted per each notable correspond to the above, the first numeral indicating the Command Value, the middle one the Command Range and finally the last one the Combat Value.

Caerula Throni
TitleNameCommand ValueCommand RangeCombat Value
Pro ConsulGallenus Steelfanus221
LegatusClaudius Hexicus232
Legatus Gimpys Venatus (son)202
LegatusTodius Vardrobu212

Rubri Regnum
TitleNameCommand ValueCommand RangeCombat Value
Pro ConsulAeneas Jezzanus011
LegatusHextarien Antilles111
LegatusDeniis Svitaes022
Legatus Roufus Gladius Venatus (father) 021
LegatusToni Tabula Vita122

I discover that the Throni party has a much more competent leadership, maybe due to their necessity to be due to the region being less directed to farmland and grazing herds and big estate ownership but more focused on hard labour, miners and forests and ship building, as opposed to the Rubri Regnum command structure which presents a less martial orientation across the entire board but nonetheless they are competent enough maybe just not as dynamic adapting to the flow of battles, which is exactly what the Command Rating allows.

Another detail I found about them is where they are located, and that will influence the mobilisation times.

I also noted the entire calendar events without any modifications yet ( mainly for response types, delays, etc ) and I will be using the Roman ten month calendar with respective amount of days but I will share that in the follow up posts.

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