This Accursed Solo War – mustering the forces

The method I choose for determination of quantity and type of armed forces per settlement is ruled by two things.

First the settlement class and second being if there is any notable in the city. The fact that a Notable is present means two things – the force is a Legion and the 1st Cohort will always get 2 units instead of just one. Also locations with notables automatically get 1 Cohort.

Additional die roll for both Cohorts and Auxilia depending on settlement class ( 1st Cohorts must come from this score unless zero, then it is free).

FSpecial: red/black card draw. will result in some or none. If 1, then roll 1D3

The entire process came out follows also including the initial supply level ( will post about supplies at a later post )

Rubri Regnum

Tergestestart supply level 803 Cohorts5 Auxilia
Canaestart supply level 742 Cohorts4 Auxilia
Turicumstart supply level 853 Cohorts3 Auxilia
Arabonastart supply level 883 Cohorts4 Auxilia
Zama Cellaestart supply level 1366 Cohorts2 Auxilia

Caerula Throni

Vella Locusstart supply level 854 Cohorts3 Auxilia
Veterastart supply level 632 Cohorts2 Auxilia
Mons Bellonastart supply level 342 Cohorts1 Auxilia
Mauricius Mesamstart supply level 291 Cohort1 Auxilia
Diernastart supply level 481 Cohort3 Auxilia
Ariciastart supply level 311 Cohort1 Auxilia
Hastastart supply level 1002 Cohort5 Auxilia
Arbeiastart supply level 11no Cohorts1 Auxilia
Palus Portusstart supply level 10no Cohorts1 Auxilia
Acri Oppidumstart supply level 28no Cohorts2 Auxilia
Cris Ridelisstart supply level 25no Cohortsno Auxilia

With this data I can proceed with discovering what type of forces each place can muster as needed.

Roll type 1D8 / 1D6*CohortAuxilia
1Medium Infantry (MI)Medium Infantry (MI)
2Heavy Infantry (HI)Light Infantry (LI)
3Phalanx (PX)Mixed Missile (MM)
4Heavy Cavalry (HC)Light Archers (LA)
5Heavy Archers (HA)Light Cavalry (LC)
6Cataphract (CT)Mounted Archers (MA)
7Heavy Cataphract (HT)Elephants (EL)*
Only 1 EL allowed per side in the entire war. If EL is rolled then switch to 1D6 roll for Auxilia

Note: The short form for troop types is relative to Dawn of Battle system. Check the game on Worthington Publishing. You may also check the rules to familiarise yourself with the battle system.

After all the process was done I found some interesting results. For one the Rubri Regnum results corroborate their innate farmland and pastures economy type with a strong component of cavalry when compared with the Caerula Throni. On the other hand the miners and foresters of the Caerulan forces demonstrate their origins by having generated a fair amount of bow types and heavy armour foot troops.

Both sides have a strong contingent of “steppes mercenaries” as represented by several Horse Archers auxilias but more details on that in upcoming posts.


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