coffee break #15

May 31st, Year of Our Lord 2021

The Rule of 3

The rule of three consists primarily in focusing energy and resources into actually playing the wargames and, if you also practice miniatures, to get the projects moving forward.

It is a very easy exercise that costszero. There’s no pre-orders, no PeeFiveHundreds nor anything similar.

I have referred this during one of the wargaming live shows and I was both pleased and appalled that it was well received by some and totally put off by others, but then it only shows the state of the things.

The rule of 3 is very similar to what miniatures wargamers do when soldiering through the projects. Paint a troop and then reward itself with a special mini or center piece. Or a new purchase of a new pack of miniatures or terrain. And that way things move forward without hoarding stuff that we never touch.

For the board wargamer, give it has to do nothing to bring the game to the table as it creates nothing and it all pops out of the box ready to play, it becomes even more paramount to adhere to the rule of 3.

  • You must play 3 games during the next whatever timeframe you decide yourself, as each person has its own time cycle to dedicate to the hobby
  • During that period of time one must not acquire more games. Avoid consuming just because it is easy. Play the 3 games, learn them and put them to the table several times.
  • Once you have gone through the 3 and have played them proper, usually several times and several scenarios ( even made up ones! ) then you reward yourself with 1 new purchase.

  • Repeat the process

Have a good week.

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