Coffee Break #16

June the 2nd

Year of Our Lord 2021


Vandals !

That’s right. Sacking of Rome and all that and taking from the last Moe’s Game Table Whiskey Charlie I really enjoy the “wannabe historiographers” articles today all making SURE that everyone READS how cool the vandal tribes were by “not” burning buildings and “killing” the population though it was the Romans themselves that adopted the term “vandalism” to describe what it means.

But the motive that brought us here today is neither of that.

So the story goes…

There I was, sipping my late morning expresso ( yes, with an X, not that italian burnt stuff with an S ) when I start reading across several spots that a roaming horde of barbarians been indiscriminately pushing down content makers by making oddly curious and rather distasteful comments which can only be replied in the best ‘Father Ted’ fashion ( thanks to the duke of ravensworth for this clue ! ).

Hannibal Barca
I still think Hannibal Barca is the bad guy in the entire story wink wink 

So the question that invades my five minute break is really…. WHY do we watch gameplay, HOW do we expect to be presented with a how-to, a tutorial or a play-through, and WHAT can we do to help the person that took the time to actual share his hobby.

Truth be told that words on a screen do not carry the entire message. It misses the sound and the twists of body language and face expression so when we make comments through the screen( and in here I must be thankful for the most well mannered folk which I relate to ) we must make sure we are clear or the message might be misunderstood.

When I leave a comment on someone’s content I must strive for being clear and explicit in what I mean.

A vandal may well not destroy buildings nor slay any inhabitants, so the “let’s all excuse them” but it will still be named a vandal with its own meaning – someone that only seeks to destroy what others have built – or to excuse them from being the bads – those that just hope to plunder what others have cropped.

I invite you all to experience a part of the hobby through Storm of Steel channel. Very much dedicated to miniatures but full of good will and great ideas that, like all of those that like to share the passion of the hobby, certainly inspire hobbyists to create, to play and to enjoy and also inspire others.

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