June 6 1944. Somewhere in Normandy. Part 1

Having an urge to throw something on the table and roll some dice for D-Day and considering my limited options, in space, opponents and nearby locations I did the most convenient. Selected a simple ruleset to play a very low count of miniatures and emulate a firefight in a 3×3 area, as the other half of the table is occupied by another game, and went with simple solo play.

We could spend hours discussing all the options and the pros and cons of the ruleset I selected and that’s totally fine but I went with “Skirmish!” by Michael Varhola and the Skirmisher Game Development Group, added some house ruling of mine and I was set for D-Day.

The scenario sees two US Army infantry squads progressing inland to secure a road, ahead of the armour coming out of Utah beach, at the same time that two German squads are ordered to the deploy an artillery spotting outpost at that same location.

The German forces comprise a half strength elite paratrooper squad along with a slightly oversized Wehrmacht squad, regular quality. The US infantry comprises two regular full squads.

So it starts.

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