This Accursed Solo War – Legiones et vexillationes

As I demonstrated in the previous entry, the main legiones (LEG) under the command of a notable and the vexillationes (Vex) all have a composition that we needed to discover via the generator and as it follows I pass to list the forces organisations for both factions with corresponding types.

For reference of entries.

LILight Infantry
MIMedium Infantry
HIHeavy Infantry
MMMixed Missile
LALight Archers
HAHeavy Archers
LCLight Cavalry
HCHeavy Cavalry
HTHeavy Cataphract
MAMounted Archers

Rubri Regnum

Legio Tergeste3 Cohorts – HI, HT, HC, CT5 Auxilia – 2x LC, LA, MA, LI
Legio Canae2 Cohorts – HI, HA, HT4 Auxilia – EL, MI, MM, MA
Legio Turicum3 Cohorts – CT, HI, HC, HA3 Auxilia – 2x MI, LA
Legio Arabona3 Cohorts – PX, 2x HI, HC4 Auxilia – 3x LA, MA
Legio Zama Cellae6 Cohorts – PX, 2x MI, 2x HT, 2x CT 2 Auxilia – MA, LI

Caerula Throni

Legio Vella Locus4 Cohorts – 2x PX, HI, MI, HC3 Auxilia – 2xMM, MA
Legio Vetera2 Cohorts – 2x MI, HA2 Auxilia – EL, MI
Legio Mons Bellona2 Cohorts – HI, HT, CT1 Auxilia – MA
Legio Mauricius Mesam1 Cohort – HA, CT1 Auxilia – LI
Vex Dierna1 Cohort – CT3 Auxilia – MI, MA, LC
Vex Aricia1 Cohort – HI1 Auxilia – MI
Vex Hasta2 Cohort – HI, MI5 Auxilia – 2x LC, MI, LI, MM
Vex Arbeiano Cohorts1 Auxilia – MI
Vex Palus Portusno Cohorts1 Auxilia – MA
Vex Acri Oppidumno Cohorts2 Auxilia – MI, MA
Vex Cris Ridelisno Cohortsno Auxilia

It is of note that the Legions are the primary battle units. Each vexillatio ( detachment of a legion ) on its own will engage in battle if attacked but will not be the attacker always seeking to join a legion and iIf attacked it will be commanded by a 0-0-1 commander.

Further campaign rules concern the supplying of the forces but I shall post about that in another entry.

The next posts will be about the campaign time and what events are occurring already and what movements have been plotted and what were the results.

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