this Accursed Solo War – chronology Anno I Mensis November

This entries look abstract and sterile without any context. Names upon names and dates are not the type of data we like to smack our heads into so a background of why names perform action on certain moments is necessary. As this is a fun project that still requires time for various types of record keeping I tend to use all. From video, to blog and to a war diary in the old fashion way. It found it works for me.

To have a perspective why certain legions and detachments are moving to here and there it is important to also refer to These Accursed Solo Wars – counting days planning wars

I pass now to the chronological events which I will post in a “per month” format. The entries should include the day, weather and specific actions undertaken.

Colour coded entries in blue for Caerula Throni references and in red for Rubri Regnum. Neutral or Senate references have no distinct colour.

Mensis November Anno I

  • Day 10 fair – Caerula Throni Pro-Consul Gallenus Steelfanus issues orders to all cities, villages and towns to mobilise. Vella Locus, home seat of the legion under direct command of the Pro-Consul starts mobilisation.
  • Day 12 fair – Legio Vella Locus ready and starts march.
  • Day 14 fair – Dierna is informed to start mobilisation.
  • Day 15 fair – Arbeia and Aricia both receive orders to mobilise.
  • Day 16 fair – Legatus Todius Vardrobu, commander of Legio Vetera receives order to mobilise all forces.
  • Day 17 fair – Acri Oppidum and Hasta receive mobilisation orders.
  • Day 18 fair – Legatus Claudius Hexicus, commander of Legio Mons Bellona receives order to mobilise. Legio Vetera reports ready and starts march.
  • Day 19 fair – Cris Ridelis and Palus Portus receive orders. Legatus Gimpys Venatus, commander of Legio Mauricius Mesam is informed to assemble the troops. Vexilla Acri Oppidum starts march.
  • Day 20 fair – Rubri Regnum spies agents sneak out of Palus Portus and arrive in Portus Sanctus. Legio Mons Bellona reports ready in destination. Vexilla Dierna ready. Vexilla Arbeia assembled. Vexilla Palus Portus ready in destination.
  • Day 21 light rain- Legio Mauricius Mesam ready. Vexilla Aricia ready. Vexillas Dierna and Arbeia start march.
  • Day 22 light rain – Legio Mauricius Mesam starts march. Legio Mons Bellona marches out. Vexilla Hasta ready. Vexilla Aricia starts march.
  • Day 23 fair – Vexilla Hasta starts march.
  • Day 25 fair – Legio Vetera arrives at Mons Bellona.

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