Wargames with the Young Bloods #4

After a few sessions just fiddling around to get into the flow of both games rules with the youngsters, we decided that we will be using Flashing Steel for all non ship to ship situations, as opposed to also using On the Seven Seas for some scenarios and stick with Oak and Iron for the sailing scenarios. This allows for rules retention, just two sets which are focused on completely different scales. 

Now onto the meat of game mastery which i’m very honoured to do for the youngsters.

I picked up on Sid Meier’s Pirates design format of open world and let it run loose after a while and have them make their strategic decisions and generate scenarios based on that while at the same time throwing some events. There’s no Evil Baron but there will be named characters during their characters lifetime of course. And no they will not meet the pirates from the 1700’s so no black beards and such. Is all pure 17th century, the golden age of piracy and not the twilight.

First scenario will be fixed and is based on escaping the “bad guys” and run the gauntlet to the peer where a trusty crew is waiting to take the main character onboard to a sloop.

Then the adventure starts with them having to do decisions. In the scenarios of Oak & Iron, which is all about ship to ship engagements, I will always give them one card, False Colours, which can be kept until used. As such they can make the decision of turning into the savage world of being bandits at sea and raising the black or just sail to one of the nations and find what kind of missions can be done for each.

images hosted by https://fffmovieposters.com/

This will, of course, lead to confrontation with the opposing nations and hopefully I can run it all in a sort of historical well mannered flow, introducing contemporary real life figures and events that may well influence our young generation game !

So, in essence is not a game, but many games and i’m sure after a few more games we all are well versed in the systems.

The benefit I see to the miniatures wargames is indeed the ability to ally two different games to portray different scales of the exact same story seamlessly. It is all the same campaign. It is all the same wargame. Just different rules to solve different situations. Is not enclosed in a box but open in our table.

As a GM i’ll have to devise some mechanisms as not to be the antagonist but giving them a memorable cinematic experience, and situations they will remember for a long time.

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