Coffee Break #9

Monday, April 26th, year of Our Lord 2021.

Armed with a soothing coffee and almost clearing myself out of the office I can’t but take time to do our usual Coffee Break.

This time around it is a fairly light and falls into that lack of “religious” zeal that encompasses much of the wargame scene sometimes; which is exactly what a hobby should strive for. Tales, creation, sharing, fun. And there’s nothing fun with a zealot.


There I was minding my own business when another pack arrives at the office. Wonder of wonders it is no more no less than

the Solo Wargaming guide – William Sylvester’s field guide for wargaming without an opponent

The title in itself is pretty funny because it isn’t what it reads and is exactly what it reads. I can say that because I did spend an entire five minutes perusing the index and skimming the eyes across the pictures; thus I can make a very “professional” modern review of it.

The paper is durable stock albeit being a paperback. It has a lot of letters and beautiful diagrams and charts. It counts at about 120 pages plus some pages without numbers. The designer… wait…author is William Sylvester and published by Precis Intermedia.

Highly recommended !!!

There you go. A most precise and concise 21st century fast food content review of a very nice product.

In a more serious note, if that’s even possible, I cannot possibly review it yet but the book is a compilation of systems to drive full wargame campaigns and is totally agnostic. Meaning it doesn’t tell you to use this or that representation of the forces – you use whatever, cardboard, miniatures, block – and in the same way it doesn’t tell you the scales to use. Some like 1 inch counters, others half inch ones, others 15mm minis, others swear 6mm is God’s own scale. It doesn’t assure you which era it is albeit the cover of the book with the Antietam painting gives a strong hint. Alas it can be Imaginations and thus free yourself from the shackles of “feldgrau” and “garde bleu”.

Can it be used to generate solo content ? Absolutely.

Can it be used to generate multiplayer content ? Absolutely.

It is a tool. It doesn’t make the work for you. It will help with the creative process  and guide you into making a ongoing series of games with your family and friends.

I must say I was very very impressed the first time I got to discover about the book through the Joy of Wargaming It will help with the creative process with providing yet another tool to add to the kit.

For one I am already looking to it to help with the Captain Croft Chronicles campaign.

P.S. – July 2021 – eventually it also contributed to the creating of the Caligo Chronicles.

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