Coffee Break #19

Year of Our Lord 2021, the fifteenth day of July.

What’s new ?

Well, I’m jumping back to the Last Hundred Yards in a regular format and will be available for online games every Friday, so if you want to learn and enjoy the game just leave me a message or mail to hethwill dot wargames at gee mail com. It will be through Vassal.

Also recording a play through of Helsinki 1918. Acquired the game a while ago and totally into it. Very accessible and involved game with great visuals and vivid with history. You may follow the episodes in the youtube channel.

The Accursed Solo Wars is not forgotten, updates are planned and there’s still content to be published in here but the vlogs are ahead with the Battle of Daveluscus Farm already fought.

Two more projects planned, one involving miniatures and Nordic Weasel rules, also imagiNations but in a no magic setting, just high medieval with some twists.

The Winter Game is something I’m planning to involve the community at various levels but as yet just in a very draft format but intended to be a ever living world sort of thing.

The project with the Younger Generation going good. Introduced the missing link between the battles using my favourite Warhammer Fantasy RPG 1e and had them have to resolve situations which then led to the naval battle also shared in vlog format. It is being great fun but they already thinking of having a separate campaign using only WHFRPG and its combat rules so there’s also that to plan.


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