Coffee Break #21

Year of Our Lord 2021, the sixteenth of August.

Summer still rolling and returned to work but it is hard to get out of office and not going to the beach, so it is normal that the hobby side suffers.

After all, wargaming, it is an indoor activity which implies less favourable weather or, at most, a tiny bit of attention at the end of the evening.

Usually outdoor activities do inspire a lot and cross into the gaming aspect of free time hobby. That’s when some projects get put aside and new fresh ones get up front. Even old ones see the light of day again.

Doesn’t take much for this to happen. Really doesn’t. It might be an art exhibit, a hike, exploring a new historical place. All of this is part of holidays and imbues the wargamer mind with ideas.

Oddly enough the more history influences the less historical I want to game – don’t ask why, it is just the way it is; same with books, I never read about what i’m gaming and never game what I am reading about – so it was no wonder I found myself getting drawn into a more fantastical sci fi pulp side of things and looking for a way to put a skirmish scale game on the table but without any constraints.

Given I really like Nordic Weasel Knyghte Pyke & Sworde to simulate whatever scenarios I wish in a “heroic medieval” historicals I clenched the fists and punched through the fabric of realism and got myself Five Parsecs from Home.

Now, I see a lot of folk playing the system as a pure solo exercise but it is exactly the possibility of cooperative play that enticed me more.

Now, the next step comes into play. Miniatures. And this is a slight obstacle. When I disposed of the majority of the stuff, pre-hiatus, a lot was sci fi related, mainly 40k guardsmen, and now I feel that maybe I shouldn’t. Still have a few old collection models lying around – mainly the stormtroopers featuring the nice berets and las backpacks and maybe a few mordian iron guards and these got left behind during the sale because they are unpainted. So that’s a start but need more to add to the adventures.

As the market works by waves we see a resurgence of nice sci fi motifs – five parsecs and stargrave hitting hard but miniatures side of things I must be honest that the crooked dice sevenTV pulp sci fi models are just so so so so good that i cannot but list them for the next month hobby budget.

Aiming for 24 assorted models, with focus on 4 factions including the heroes.

That should do it.

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