Coffee Break #22

Year of Our Lord 2021, Friday, the third of September

There’s no board wargame on the table but there’s wargaming on the table.

One aspect of the hobby that I enjoy is to craft and paint miniatures and terrain pieces. One aspect I dislike in the hobby is printing and cutting counters and markers.

Can you spot the differences ? I am sure it is clear but if I like crafts I should enjoy the boardgame print and play aspect of the market.

Nope. I rather spend crafts time around the three dimension wargames if I have to “create” the game pieces.

If I want a boardgame I want out of the box ready. As much as possible.

If I want crafts I go with miniatures wargames.

Been sharing a bit of that time with the channel audience in some “suddenly go live” streams. Is nothing different from everyone else, nor it shows any good techniques, but the point is to just share that little time where I can just sit and listen to some music while painting the miniatures and have a chat with whomever shows up.

Usually goes for a 30 minutes up to 45 minutes, so it is quick but might inspire other wargamers to try miniatures and others to AGAIN pick up their minis and do something.

You may watch both last episodes and have a feel of what is coming up.


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