Coffee Break #26

Year of our Lord 2021, October 14th

Recording the play through of This War Without an Enemy was good fun albeit the game really shines in multiplayer ( watch! ). Surprisingly enough the household took interest in it, described it as a very pleasing game at the visual level and also covers, with the bulky blocks, that ground between the “boring pieces of paper in a map” and the “awesome miniatures action”, and are open to play it.

What then struck my fancy was pondering, over a nice cup of vietnamese blend which is arguably the one I favour after dinner, about how we, and more precisely ME, consume the influx of data from video, text, forums, and all similar, regarding the hobby. We are bombarded with too much information and there’s neon signs in all colours known to Men and Gods flashing “BUY” , “MUST HAVE” , “BEST EVER”…it is infuriating and sadly there’s a bandwagon rolling through town.

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