Coffee Break #28

Year of Our Lord 2021, the 19th of October

You have the wargame setup. It will be a solo play controlling both sides.

Before you begin write down what each side will try to do in the long run and what the armies will try do achieve during this season. ( season = any number of turns you decide ).

After you move a piece do not move it back, you have committed that unit.

Do not verify opposition stacks before committing to an attack. Despite what rules say do yourself a favour and declare all intended attacks and mark them.

If you are able to leave the game setup for weeks on end, do one play per side per evening. This helps forget details from opposing side.

Have a deck of normal cards at hand. Use it as an oracle. Define what colours and suites and values determine for your particular decision making, then draw cards. Stick with it. That’s what the “higher commands” want you to do. Maybe they overruled you on a particular instance. Important is to let the situation play and go with the narrative.

You know exactly when something doesn’t feel “correct” even if the game rules allow it. One thing is the exceptions that occur throughout history, another thing is making it a common occurrence.

It is your game and you experiencing yourself to the fullest. Invent artificial methods to simulate and help playing both sides. This will result in surprise attacks and dare devil plans.

Solo methods are quite interesting to develop and are fairly unique to each player. I shared a few of mine. Hope it inspires you.

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