Battle report – Santa Cruz 1797

Santa Cruz 1797 is a game published by Bellica 3rd Generation and designed by Iván Cáceres

Strong current pull the majority of the lads down south. This has barely started and already going…as planned !

Captain Freemantle’s company is the first into action attacking the battery from the land side. Güinter commands the brave Spanish.

Being repulsed is part of the fun. Let’s go again !

Spanish led by a Swiss sit in the fortress jeering…
I pushed 7 rounds of combat trusting superior numbers.
What a miserable lot…

Leading a charge up the ravine Captain Bowen is mortally wounded.

( Spain rolled natural 6 vs Bowen in command )

Opponent brings the ‘frogs’…

Which allows for relocation of two units.

I decide to bypass the Fort, hit the big Spanish force with naval guns, replenish Freemantle’s lads and assault again. No reactions were played by my opponent.

Again repulsed. Spanish had Román leading and 2 combat cards ready. I am starting to think Nelson idea was bad…very bad…

Facing Román’s counter attack capn’ Freemantle retreats inland… Need to start landing more troops.

Freemantle force is defeated deep inside the city and cutoff. They go down crying Rule Britannia and thinking they were diverting enemy attention.

Poor sods… if they knew… the disaster unfolding…

6:30 am…

the ensign flies over the Battery fort ‘de la Concepción’. Güinter goes down embracing the Royal Spanish flag.

7 am, yet 2 turns to go but can’t do enough. Opponent was ready to play a ‘kill leader’ card. I call this a most Gracious unVictory for His Majesty naval forces.

Great game and easy flow. We did check rules a lot but next time we are good to fly through.


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