Coffee Break #29

Welcome to the table.

Some things will change regarding projects.

The Accursed Solo War will receive a major redrawing. I’ve learned some lessons and is better to take a step back and then make two strides forward.

The games with the young bloods still going and now and then will post something I find interesting to do so.

Someone suggested to do more reports in the comic book style like the one I posted for the Skirmish! game for the Normandy invasion. I am glad it was well received.

I have yet to understand what is the best method to record a game on the table so I’m considering what titles are good just for written AAR and which ones can live up with the video narrative.

The battle of Mount Badon quick action report video was a funny experiment and honestly I quite liked it.

By far the most fun I had regarding posting about games in recent weeks was to write the AAR of the playing Santa Cruz 1797. Was a wonderful bit of time with the household and we discovered another good wargame that we all like. Was fast food write up but had good fun.

The latest experiment with Helsinki 1918 game with trying the telegram entries was an experiment and apparently well received.

I posted a poll for the Flying Colors series to be recorded and, while the top voted category isn’t by a large margin, it seems the largest single group likes more a short series, two or three episodes, with a heavy narrative focus as opposed to the “watch me play” method.

Just a quick update post to pair up with the video I posted yesterday. Have a good weekend.

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