Battle of Jarnac, 13 March 1569

This scenario is part of the By Shot, Shock and Faith, published by Hexasim.
Original title – Par le Feu, le Fer at la Foi.
Designed by Phillipe Hardy

twitter stream from today’s ( 6 Nov 21 ) game all in one place for your convenience

Scenario starts with Huguenots contesting the Catholics approach to Triac. The Prince de Condé leading the gendarmes is still en route… History tells this battle, Jarnac, as one legendary story in the Wars of Religion.

Hard fighting sees the Catholics across the waterway but just.

A column of horse led by Montpensier goes on a wide flanking march.

The dragoons tried to extricate themselves away from the crossing only half their original force makes it and Puyvaud cannot hope to retreat. Coligny moves to check the Catholic cavalry flanking.

The full collapse of the holding column. A big cavalry melee erupts. A mix of old fashioned plate and modern sword and shot cavalry.

Catholic fervour wins the clash. The Protestant options are very few. Even when the Prince arrives the chances for a volt-face are slim…More Catholic cavalry arrives. Splendid modern and deadly, trained in caracole tactics.

A sliver of hope as the Prince arrives. The Protestants under Fontrailles turn Bassac into their ‘last stand’ fortress and giving the Papists a measure of hell.

One of the most interesting aspects is that moving may and will provoke disruption in the formations depending on how many points are invested. High quality troops will recover fast.

The price of earlier disorder trying to reach the enemy in detail is being paid. The Protestants have managed to get their forces united and in good order and their makeshift redoubts broke the enemy momentum.

Anointed by the Holy See for the service of the Pope, and the Lord ( maybe in that order ), the Swiss pikemen crash into the Protestant forces. A massive elite troops ‘tercio’ ploughs through. The Prince is lost at what to do…

Calling it a Decisive Victory for the Catholic army. Score is at 7 to 1 and 3 turns to go. Huguenots have nothing else to commit and the casualties do tell. It is a very hard scenario for the Protestants to win, probably the hardest so far. Good Game and thank you for reading.

some notes: – is easy to forget some rules in the flow of the action ( and when one has to step away from the table to attend to family ) – twice I did not refer to correct Isolated status for both sides cavalry – I forgot the Disorganised movement penalty for a couple turns.

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