Battles for Prydain – Camlann 537 AD

Battle of Camlann – Version 1

Probably the most iconic battle of all the Arthurian legends, and that sees Arthur and his warbands face Mordred and his own forces.

Arthur’s in blue. Mordred’s in green.

I would describe it as epic fantasy historical wargaming because that’s exactly what it is.

Arthur’s host chants the Lord’s good graces. Mordred’s warbands perform rituals to the old gods.
Then, silence once more and the ‘armies’ surge forward.

Mordred’s spears stagger while crossing the stream and form a solid shieldwall across, facing the enemy shieldwall atop the ridge.
Arthur orders his ‘knights’ to fall back slightly and entices Mordred to lead his own ‘knights’ to fill the empty flank.

A furious javelin charge before resorting to sword and spear.

( wicked wicked rolls ! )

Arthur’s knights buckle in face of the terrifying hail of projectiles and his own sworn men are hit hard.

( need to roll for leader casualty… d10 + hits suffered, if 11+ … pray )

“Lord…let me live a bit longer so I can strike down this evil doer myself !!! Amen.”

All across the field the song of the sword and the drum of shields.
Plans been drawn, forces committed, no more tactical control.
Until someone breaks.

Against all odds, the knights hold fast. On the other flank is bloody work of both shieldwalls.

In true Heroic Combat tradition, heroes ( and wannabes ) and retinue call out challenges that are often accepted.

Sworn companions of each side are locked in deadly combat.

( game foundation hinges on this tradition. Refusing challenges raises army panic )

A hero emerges from the ranks of the pagans.
( that is one of the possible results during Heroic Combat when there’s death all around ).

Mordred’s attack was so ferocious that the cavalry cannot disengage.
Arthur’s cavalry takes advantage and prepares the javelins riposte.

The javelin throwing was not spectacular but paves the way for an all out counter attack.
Both sides sense the height of the battle is near.

The main combat is definitely the cavalry clash. Arthur seems on the fringe of provoking a collapse on Mordred’s wing but still far from victory.

For the glory !
( of God or the old gods, take your pick ).

The battle erupts into a maelstrom of heroic melee with warriors vying for everlasting fame in the bard’s songs.

Mordred is slain in Heroic Combat along with his elite comitatus “knights”.

Forces play with Panic points. Can gain and lose Panic according to various results and choices.

The pagans panic but not yet broken.
( 27/41 panic/break )

Apparently this battle will go down in myth and legend.
A new name is hailed as a hero in Mordred’s hosts during one of the most intense Heroic combats.

Arthur’s army also reaches panic point as the enemy crushes most of the remaining spearmen.

With Arthur back from Pursuit the day might yet be won as the last ‘knights’ follow his lead and crash into the enemy spears with javelin, spear, sword and faith.

One interesting aspect of the Javelins use is that it is not only casualties to the enemy but simulates the entire cycle of horsemen charging close to throw them and also being caught themselves by enemy action.

Neither side can risk getting past Broken points limit thus NOT accepting heroic combat challenges is NOT an option because it raises Panic.

Two names stand out by the end of the Heroic Combat.

Aeron the Pagan, slays the unnamed Leader.

And Arthmail the Faithful, that emerges as the most steadfast squire.

Arthur’s victory with 33 panic points against Mordred’s 56 break points.
Arthur lives.
Mordred corpse is never found.

Thank you for reading. Stay strong! Keep wargaming.

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