coffee break #3/2022

Time flies, we almost in the end of February and I missed writing the usual tirades.

Several themes have been populating my coffee breaks and half of them are too much controversial – no, not that type of real life controversy but rather regarding wargames and community – but maybe i’ll do some special coffee breaks about those “specials”.

I have been busy with several things, from the real table to the virtual table and having fun with a variety of titles.

First of all was the compilation of one of my favourite board wargames into the virtual tabletop with the added upgrade of using virtual miniatures stands. As a bonus I also added a second room with the map in 3D.

You may find the modules on my steam workshop.

I am always up for some games, can also teach the rules, and if you wish please send me a message and we will work something out. Obviously it is valid for this game in particular and any other that catches my interest.

One thing that I promised myself to manage tightly during 2022 is the hobby budget, as it is easy to “let slip and release the hounds of spending!”.

That means I cancelled all pre-orders. all kickstarters, everything that relates to advancing money to any venture and only purchase from stores any articles in stock and also to balance the expenditure between board and miniatures wargames.

So, with a feeble meagre budget to spend for the month I managed to – again! – get magnificently surprised by the quality of board wargames designed and made in Europe, but then Vae Victis is a heavy weight veteran household in the business.

With less than the budget of one “mainstream publisher” shelf game I got myself three superb games.

You may watch a quick and dirty “not unboxing” video in the channel. I am not sorry for being just a show-off and not a “pro” unboxing but I have no patience for unboxings nor have any interest in them.

Obviously I immediately went to lay them flat in the table and already managed to scrap time to play an entire battle of Champs the Bataille ( uses 85% DBA/DBM rules ) and a timid couple turns of Ave Infini Regret III ( to grasp the rules ).

The War of Independence of Bretagne is still not played but will see the table soon – there’s only so many rules sets anyone can absorb in any given interval of time.

Finally we reach the present point where I had to sit down and take a breathe.

When are too many rules sets too many ?! Exactly. Always. So had to make decisions to where to focus mostly and one of the series that I really enjoy and wish to keep playing and possibly teach and guide more prospecting wargamers into is Flying Colors.

I ran a small poll a couple months ago asking the social media contacts what game and type of series they wished most to see shown in the channel and the voting was heavily towards Flying Colors and full play through and rules explanations.

from the film Admiral Ushakov (1953)

I selected to play an action, during one of the Russian – Ottoman wars, in the Black Sea in 1788 near the Isle of Fidonisi which features, albeit as vice, Ushakov.

As the series will be somewhat long it may not yet deserve a place here in full glory but with a couple segments out you may already go to the channel and watch it, starting with the intro.

As an ending bonus segment, one of the games played of late with the household is one of our favourites. Can you guess which game it is ?

Well, this has been a different coffee break. Main theme wasn’t a reflection but rather what has been happening on my “island”. There’s much more but I reserve the right to include that into future posts.

As last news, I am setting up games in a weekly basis through the Armchair Dragoons, so if you wish to join please pay attention to my social media posts or go to the Armchair Dragoons and join the forum and discord. It is one of great bunch.

Thank you for reading !

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