Coffee Break #5/2022

Welcome to the fifth Coffee Break of the new year, on this 7th day of March, year of Our Lord 2022.

Confer now the headlines !…

  • Heth’s Island Admiralty board emergency meeting to evaluate real world situation.
  • Fierce naval battles at large of Fidonisi isle between the Imperial Russian and the Ottoman Empire’s fleets.
  • Combats in Aylesford continue and updates coming soon from the teams on the ground

The Admiralty has met in an emergency session due to the global evolving situation, as per the 7th day of March, Year of Our Lord 2022.

The session was headed by the First Lady of the Admiralty and Treasurer of the Fleet and had the presence of the entire House.

The chest is not a representation of the actual finances hold.

It was unanimously decided that due to unforeseen future situation all hobbies budget is to be reduced by 60%, including wargames, with immediate effects.

“time to play more what you already got” – is reported being heard during the emergency meeting.

As it stands this is contemplated with some apprehension, given some of the titles that have been announced especially the two Downfall of… by Doit! and the much anticipated Hill of Doves published by Legion Wargames.

Battle rages near the isle of Fidonisi in the Black Sea.

The year is 1788 and the supremacy of naval power in the Black Sea is being contested by both fleets. All the fighting is being recorded by our reporter on the spot… I mean decks. On the decks.

The Imperial Russian fleet under the command of Voynovich but having the vanguard commanded by Ushakov has to face with a potentially three times stronger enemy fleet, if we count the cannons, and about two times more vessels but the Ottoman Empire fleet is headed by the flagship and Admiral Hassan-Pasha which places it at the place of honour but also into the thick of the fight right from the start.

The episodes of the series can be followed on the Youtube Channel.

We also received word, breaking news, that the battle in Aylesford, where Britons and Saxon Jutes are fighting is still underway with careful deployment of forces entering now the critical stage of Heroic Combat.

This has been going for some time and the Coffee Break teams have been following the events which you may also be sure to watch, not live, all segments so far especially if you are interested in dark ages arthurian legends wargames. Not to miss !

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