Albuera 1811

Action report of game battle played past 14 April 2022

16 May
near Albuera

French advanced guard report the village and high ground beyond held by the Allies.


  • Godinot and Latour are ordered to setup a defense across the river.
  • Gazan sends the Reserve Horse Artillery to support after some administrative delay.


  • Lumley and the heavy horse shift to the right of the allied line.
  • Beresford HQ joins Stewart.

Time 0900 hours
No squall.


  • Gazan and Pepin march to the bridges.
  • Werle’s chasseurs and grenadiers ordered to cross the tributary streams.


  • Zaya Spanish 4th div. ordered to attack the enemy bridgehead.

Despite the gallantry displayed by the Spanish, the attack is beaten back with considerable losses.

Time 10:00


  • Werle emerges from the woods and forms across the Chicapierna.
  • Soult himself leads the heavy horse in support.


  • Zaya reposition to the rear left after the ill fated attack.
  • Beresford and Stewart commit the 2nd into the attack.

The battle is raging. The British troops crash the French infantry to a retreat which is now plugged by hussars.

Stewart’s lads endure severe punishment but push the enemy across destroying cannon and taking prisoners.

French losses are severe and three troops are scratched out.

Morale – 11 Allies, 7 France

Time 11:00


  • Werle orders an immediate attack on the enemy right
  • Soult tries to bring the heavy horse in tandem with Werle attack but falls short
  • after being pushed back across the bridge the troops are ordered to regroup, setup the cannon and hold

The dragoons are swept from the field by the French attack on the right.


  • regroup of the 2nd holding the river
  • Portuguese infantry under Hamilton move up to support
  • Zaya Spanish reform

Morale update (mistake before)
France 6
Allies 10

Time 12:00


  • full effort against the bridges
  • the Polish Lancers are ordered against Albuera and the entire V/2 Division to counter attack.
  • Soult himself leads a charge of the heavy cavalry on the left

Combat resolution hangs in the … dice !

The determination of the British to hold Albuera and the river crossings is legend and both attacks are repulsed. French commander Latour is wounded.

Soult’s cavalry charge resulted in a French retreat. Soult and Lumley are killed in action while leading from the front.


  • Cole is ordered to bring his command, made up of all 3 allied nations, to counter attack across the river from the village.
  • Blake orders the proud Spanish 4th to reinforce and attack the French heavy cavalry.

Allies push the French back in all combats despite an infuriating ( for the allied side ) gallant resistance put up by the Polish Lancers.

The French heavy cavalry shown lesser determination and fell back after a quick exchange.

Time 1300

Both sides take a breath (and maybe lunch ).
Pepin reorganised the V/2e and Werle concentrates the infantry in the left.
Stewart rallies the troops and Hamilton brings the Portuguese dragoons to Albuera.

Panic scores France 6 Allies 9

Time 1400

Girard brings both brigades from the V/1 towards the bridges.
Pepin orders an attack against the allied mixed division.
On the other flank Werle’s independent force attacks the Spanish 4th.

The Spanish are driven back with serious losses.
The mixed force holds fast and breaks the French attack.


Beresford sees the danger and rides with Hamilton to bring up the Portuguese division to counter the flank attack.
Stewart feels it is now the time to push across the river.
Blake decides to form his Spanish forces into squares.

The threat in the flank is all but destroyed alas with severe consequence as Beresford is mortally hit.
On the other end the attack had to be called off after severe losses.

Morale France 2 Allies 8

Time 1500

Squalls pass over and hinder French command but subside and Allies operate dry.

Girard moves the reserves up the right. Pepin rallies the brigades.

Cole crosses back and moves to Albuera.

Zaya consolidates the Spanish forces on right.

Hamilton continues the attack.

Werle’s remaining force, 12 Légère, beats the Portuguese force under Hamilton back with dreadful losses.

Morale track still
France 2
Allies 8

Time 1600

Even so the French try one last attack across the bridges.
Meanwhile Latour reposition the cavalry to cover the road preemptive to a retreat.

Absolute disastrous attacks result in tremendous casualties.
No support from the cannons result of the rain.
Both Stewart and Giraud are mortally wounded.

Rain stops.
Hamilton reforms and attacks again.

Enduring murdering fire the allied troops finally vanquish the brave French at bayonet point.

Werle is seriously wounded and evacuated by his aides. Hamilton is likewise seriously wounded.

The French morale collapses and command issues a general retreat.
The Allied command decides for caution and stays put holding the ground they just defended.

Thank you for reading. The wargame being used to play this battle is

Designed by Dave Kershaw and published by White Dog Games

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