Virtus et gloria !

Forgive my latin as it has been decades since I had to read Virgil’s Aeneid excerpts in latin.

So let’s just stick with – Strength & Honour !!!

57 BC
Julius Caesar’s Legions prepare to face the combined might of the Nervii, Atrebates and Viromandui tribes. Setting his camp on high ground and facing the river and the forests beyond

This is Strength & Honour, the wargame. Epic clashes of biblical proportions and the ability to set battles during the ancients period of warfare with a strong focus on Rome post Marian reforms and early Empire, with a lot of prepared made scenarios, but nonetheless flexible enough to provide all “do your own scenarios” mechanisms.

Designed by Mark Backhouse and published by Reisswitz Press and released in past 25th April 2022, the system had been ramping up nicely across the community especially because the advance orders did include exclusive artwork to be used as units, as much as both versions of the rulebook, print and PDF.

Since you are reading this after the release you can buy yourself the rules via Reisswitz directly.

Or if you happen to the in the EU go with purchasing through their partner Karwansaray Publishers.

It is undeniable that many art forms, including the big screen movie making, definitely inspire the visuals for S&H.

I grab my coffee now and try to write some lines after what has been an entire week totally devoted to S&H, both on the table making terrain pieces and PnP bases and in the virtual room through Tabletop Simulator.

The print pieces are good, big, not the “grognard” half inch counters, and they provide planning for proper miniatures model purchases and can easily setup a game with some paper pieces and models without any problem.
The virtual table also is a great tool for planning and testing while being able to play with people from all over the planet. This is possible due to the work done by Joe Bilton and the superb units artwork.

note: Until further notice, as of 4th May 2022, there’s no authorization for me to make the full army pieces Tabletop Simulator module open to public ( for obvious reasons as the files were only for clients that ordered before release ). But anyone that ordered can make their own TTS module for private use. Remember, always ask for permission. Respect the hobby.

The game portrays the correct scale for the player to act the commander of the army. That is the naked truth. Give orders to masses. Expect them to carry through. Deal with the unexpected. And be prepared for the consequences once battle meets, and you may ( or not! ) appreciate it as I do and for me it is a type of wargame that hits home and I sort of did hint to it in one of the previous Coffee Break posts. [read more]

Strength & Honour allows to play a fairly large battle – think about thousands, tens of thousands and even something like First Philippi at the top end – in a portion of an afternoon with ANYONE that never played a wargame. That’s gold. Is almost like grabbing a few blocks of jenga, write some unit names and show someone how a battle unfolded and even a class of students can follow the explanations of how a battle unfolded.

Accessible and portable. Credible results. Reasonable simulation. Engagingly fun.

Hethwill Wargames

And while cardboard and wooden blocks have their own appeal there’s something EPIC about miniatures.

Check the Korhyl gallery for some examples !

And once you are ready why not order some proper 3D playing pieces from Korhyl Miniatures.

What an epic stand by Sertorius’ Lybians. Withstood the Turdetani charges and send them reeling and now flanked by the Provincial Levies manage to hold and match them spear for spear.

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