the Roman General turned native, a mini campaign for S&H (part 2)

optional Scenario 2

This battle is a bonus and serves to remind us historical wargames players that is never one commander that does all, conquers all, wins all.

( and yes I know I’ve posted the optional scenario before I posted the main one )

Setting the scene

Following the defeat of Fulfidius ( assuming you have done so, as Sertorius, in the first scenario. If you haven’t played it yet please do read and play it out before continuing ) and establishing itself as the war leader of many of the tribes in Iberia/Hispania, by being invited by the various chieftains and mainly from the Lusitanians, Sertorius manages to work the military and shaping Lusitanian and Celtiberian support by reverting the oppressive provincial ruling and instilling a sense of identity of “Hispania” somewhat separate from a “Rome”. This played right into the inhabitants unending independence feeling towards the “foreign” occupier.

With the peninsula quickly falling out of control, Fufidius is replaced by the ex Consul Metellus Pius whom sets out to organise a offensive to trap Sertorius army, which by now has grown exponentially with a magnanimous local support.

In truth Sertorius fields not one army but TWO and while himself marches to face Pius, his quaestor Hirtuleius marches to battle Domitius, the pro consul for Hispania Citerior ( Nearer Hispania ).

Hirtuleius’ army meets Domitius legions at the river Ana ( modern day Guadiana ).

Scenario Two ( optional )

Battle size recommended – standard 24×18

Terrains features:

  • A river cutting across the map starting on one of the army edges and ending on the opposite edge.
  • As there’s no definite records of the actual location the river can be placed as players see fit with each, in turn, placing sections until the entire length of the river is complete.
  • Both players select 2 fords of 4 squares each. Both fords can be adjacent making up for a long stretch of the river that can be crossed. Counts as Rough for all purposes. River can only be crossed at the ford.
  • Optional : Roll for half a dozen additional terrain features like farmland and woods, between both players. Use standard rules.

Sertorius was admired and loved by the Barbarians, and especially because by introducing Roman arms and formations and signals he did away with their frenzied and furious displays of courage, and converted their forces into an army, instead of a huge band of robbers.

Plutarch, The Parallel Lives, Life of Sertorius


Standard deployment rules starting from the table edge square row no closer than 4 squares from the side edges.

Scenario Rules

The order of battle does not use any of the troops that participated in the previous scenario, the battle at the river Baetis.

The Caetrati count as a Formed Unit for Pushed Back purposes in Combat/Charge but not in Shooting.

Hirtuleius ( sertorian ) army

Calvinus force

Record all Points relevant to Campaign progression as all will be used at a later scenario.


Victory against Calvinus further established Sertorius control of both Hispania provinces, especially given the control of waterways in a heavily mountainous region was paramount, and escalated the confrontation with Rome with a geographical shift to the north east of the peninsula.

At this stage it is yet unknown but is worth noting that it was never Sertorious ambition to separate from Rome.

This scenario needs play testing, so I would appreciate feedback if you play it. You may leave a comment !

Thank you !

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