Coffee Break #11/2022

The 30th of May, year of Our Lord 2022.

Plans to revamp the campaign of the Caligo Chronices have been brewing in the back of my thick skull.

Several things did not work the first attempt and one I immediately noticed while doing the mandatory paperwork to rule the campaign was the artificial power creep.

Even with a post battle recovery method it becomes easy for any faction to start steam rolling the other. I must address this and add yet another layer.

Or maybe I am trying to do too much at once ! This was the suggestion of a buddy that pointed out, and with exactitude, that I am trying to campaign entire countries at all levels as opposed to focus a specific conflict in the timeline.

He suggested to restart small and make a regional conflict. Something like a family feud or a cross border raid with not major consequence no matter the outcome, loss or defeat, other than the loss of a herd or the assassination of notable. In the grand scheme of things it is barely noticeable but can still be a fun little narrative string of battles.

Once that is done then try another step up adding another layer, maybe a specific victory condition, in a web type campaign with different paths.

That’s all good ideas and definitely will accept that sometimes I try to do too much and complicate things too much for my own good and then the entire campaign get out of hand.

So I will restart and do it small, maybe even in a different map, or maybe use the same map but with different town names to reflect more of a certain culture type. Somehow I don’t feel much like going rome/hellenes but rather a more dark age arthurian theme.

Cya next time.

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