Lugg Vale campaign, part 2

Before you continue you might want to check how the idea for the campaign came to be and what inspirations were used and also the part 1 of the campaign


Powys (blue) against Dumnonia (red)
Dumnonia rolls in the “map” and stops automatically in the Battle space. Seems proper as it has just defeated the raiders and is now fighting them back.

Again 30 points, no Armoured Warriors ( and no Mounted ). Powys holds Initiative. I keep both warbands the same as before, like it would be a continuation of the previous battle. So 4 spears and 1 skirmisher for Dumnonia and 3 each, warriors and skirmishers, for Powys.

Terrain roll comes up as 3 woods/villages and 3 hills ! Given this was decided as being the continuation of the failed raid on the village every piece is just nature. The center of the battlefield becomes very rough.

Deployment in an asymmetrical fashion. Dumnonia goes for the boar charge with high concentration of spears with supporting flank. Powysians deploy a broad line mix with the warlord supported by two skirmish lines.

Turn 1

Tactics board. Is risky for Powys to forfeit an action on behalf of not allowing the enemy to Seize Initiative but it may pay dividends in the second turn. Dumnonia is betting on hitting hard if possible and making the initial contact count.

A truly tactical manoeuvring turn and while in a rush to secure the woods the flank had to be left open which the dumnonian warlord took advantage of with two Special – Charge. Powys retains the Initiative.

Turn 2

Second turn sees a shift in focus from both sides to a flexible outcome of combat. Dumnonia predicts having to Rally troops, which denotes the intention to Charge with the Special. Powys selects a skirmishing approach with a Shoot and a flexible use Special.

Tactics sequence choices provokes interesting outcomes. Powys tried to move the singular group away from danger hoping to lure the enemy uphill, which did not happen, thus the decision had to be made to advance and make use of the Shoot, which scores a hit on the Dumnonians.

The Dumnonian warlord kept that Special Tactic just for one occasion – to CHARGE !!! Hitting on 4+ the chances are 50%. The powysian warriors just break and flee !

Two last actions being a Rally, which did not recover a thing in the dumnonians and a Charge by Powys, even if into an empty zone, to try to defeat the isolation Dumnonian elements.

Turn 3

The pressure is on. Dumnonia has to move fast and turn the Initiative, else it will be eroded. Powys must maximise the use of the javelineers.

Four tactics later and the battlefield shows signs of a trap. Opening Shoots did nothing. Powys brings the weaker group around and braces for a big attack across the hills. Dumnonia decides to deny further shooting and move the weaker group away.

Again a Special Embolden is decided by the Dumnonians and with a nice roll one of the warriors contingents recovers to full battle rating. Powys plays Rally and recovers 2 points in the Leader group.

Caution thrown to the wind, decisions were made when populating the Tactics chart. Powys moves in to Shoot and score 2 further hits. Dumnonia had a Seize the Initiative and positions the strongest force ready to attack next !

Turn 4

New turn and bets are high ! Is a do or die out here in the old briton lands. Maybe it is a mistake but Powys will try to regain initiative while focusing all in Movement. Dumnonia goes for the throat !!

Chanting the songs of war the Dumnonian spears, led by their warlord Charge the woods ! Even needing 5+ in the rolls, the Charge is brutal ! Javelineers are cut down and the spears reduced but give a good account, provoking 2 hits back.

Situation is dire but little else can be done. Powys brings more forces up the hill – probably they had no idea of the massacre happening on the other side just to find themselves as the new target for another Charge ! ( Tactics Chart is the muscle and sinew of the system! )

Even fighting uphill ( 5+ ) the sheer amount of spears overwhelms the powysians that get reduced to barely breathing levels and fail all hits back.

Knowing there’s no more possibility of combat in the board the Powysians make full usage of their Moves plays to get to safety. The Dumnonians reposition and Rally. Victory check and Dumnonia defeats the enemy ! And moves with the green arrow on the map.

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