Ultimatum news #1/2022

First entry of a new series of posts presenting all games and projects that have populated my wargaming time that may or may not be featured somewhere else in this blog, youtube channel and social media.

– Helsinki 1918 series is going through and uninterrupted, same as the battle of Chaeronea

Access all videos in the channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Hethwill

Friday TabletopSim is a recurrent event and always pleased to teach and play games and this one saw a full playthrough of War of the Triple Alliance against my good friend Greg from across the Atlantic.

I lost 33 to 32 in the very last card of the deck.

Game table is occupied with Helsinki 1918 game for the video series and also Battles for Prydain ! Oh yes, playing through the second version of Camlann. Just a note that a reprint of Battles for Prydain is now available https://sanjoaquinvalleypress.com/battles-for-prydain

Painting corner is occupied by Korhyl Miniatures for Strength&Honour and after finishing the cavalry and skirmishers I am doing the legions next.

Projects going and started

Helping Mike Nagel with testing scenarios for Dawn of Battle expansion and due to space constraints did put together a TabletopSim module ( which is not public yet ) which is immensely helpful and accelerates the testing ( if one is keen on using virtual tabletop space ).

Restarted the narrative campaign for Chevauchee in earnest. Dumped all previous ideas which proved too complicated to drive the campaign and went with a more workable method. This is being done through TabletopSim while the campaign map and lore of the land is being done through Wonderdraft and good old notebook handwriting. In any case I am sharing the plays through the blue bird social media.

Also and again on the virtual wargaming space, running a quick campaign of Age of Penda and already shared a couple blog posts of how it is going.

You may reach me easily through email hethwill dot wargames at gmail dot com, have a good week ! Stay Strong Keep Wargaming !

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