Ultimatum news #2/2022

Not much has been happening on the YouTube side of things, but it is summer and indoor activities are reduced.

That being said I did throw some games on the table and yes, got my large table back.

Games played

I am adhering to the budget tightly so I’m not going to fall to the marketing tricks nor the “ratings cult of the new” or the “covenant of the holy unboxing”.

That being said I did acquire a well deserved game I had listed for quite a while and gladly picked up the very last one in stock from Atlantica Juegos, one of the most complete hobby stores in the peninsula ( Iberian ).

Bayonets & Tomahawks

Designed by Marc Rodrigue, grabbed my attention for many reasons and obviously the most natural is the theme. I buy themes, not simply games.

In due time I will post some gameplay, maybe blog, maybe youtube, who knows. For now I am learning, playing, resetting the game, playing again using the right rules, learning more.

I did with it what I did with Nevsky and Atlantic Chase – I simply ignored the playbook. For all the effort put into it I found that I get more confused and I rather play-reset cycle more than following a procedural holding hands method. That said I appreciate all the historical background, events descriptions and designer notes.

Redvers’ Reverse

One of my favourite games despite being dedicated for solitaire play.

I did not finish the play but was the perfect choice after a good lunch with friends. The white lambrusco wine left me a bit confused like Buller so I was home.

Absolutely lovely command and control method and embracing the inability to control everything at all times is one of the staples of the design.

The game mechanisms simulate the orders being sent, received and probably ignore or misinterpreted, which gives a perfect sense and translates well the challenges faced by commanders and especially during the relief of Ladysmith.

The game needs a bit of table space but all components are big and handle well.

Fighting Sail

Cyrano ( Jim ) is the most prolific game master around to gather interest in the game using Tabletop Simulator. I am not one of the regulars but when I saw one of the gaming nights was going to the Ospery’s Fighting Sail I could not pass.

Jim always sets up the gaming rooms very well with adequate use of all possible modules to make it the most pleasing experience.

I teamed up with Achilles commanding the French and trying to evade a British blockade.

We won in spectacular fashion. You may watch the action on Jim’s own channel.

La Josephine, the ‘petite-frégate’ that could

Par le feu, le fer et la Foi

Another of my favourite themes and this game, along with its twin, Fate of Reiters, are designed by Philippe Hardy.

Is such a wonderful system that, for all its faults ( every game has them ), simulates very well the warfare during this transition age.

Saint-Denis is such a good scenario, and like all in the series always totally asymmetric and proper.

Projects going and started

Some of you know of my fascination and primary interest in the grand age of sail and having been tinkering with ideas for a tabletop game for a long time. Plenty of mechanisms got put aside and projects started and closed but now I feel I have something fairly non complex but vividly transmitting my vision of combat actions during the grand age of sail.

I put the project up for volunteer public eyes and the help has been invaluable and is wonderful to see, from other’s perceptions, where the improvement must be made – not on the mechanisms but actually on how the rules are presented – THIS is a massive undertaking and it must be done.

The Armchair Dragoons have been very kind in hosting the playtesting of the project in their Discord – https://www.armchairdragoons.com/

You may have a read through the action report I posted recently on what will be, probably, Scenario 1, and it will give you a quick and welcoming feel of how the game looks.

I am also keep helping Mike Nagel testing Dawn of Battle and using the Tabletop Simulator put together with his invaluable help, and support from Worthington Games.

It should be available for the public very soon.

That was a quick one and some things have been left out but I leave you with one photograph of an exhibit I managed to attend to about the history of games and cultural exchanges regarding games, but I will save the thoughts about that visit for another blog entry.

Libro de los Juegos published in 1283 – court of Alfonso X, king of Leon and Castille – oldest European treaty on games

You may reach me easily through email hethwill dot wargames at gmail dot com, have a good week ! Stay Strong Keep Wargaming !

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