Coffee Break #16/2022

Friday ! Finally ! September is always a rush month in the office and it certainly saps some of the energy reserves but weekend always comes around.

The Lepanto 1571 video series recordings had to be terminated and this fact brings me to the theme of this coffee.

I am lucky enough to be able to have a more or less permanent 6×4 table for the games. But I’m unfortunate enough to be able to have only one table permanently setup.

Even if I dedicate two hours per day playing, or recording if I feel like it, a big game will take two weeks and the truth is that there’s no guarantee that those two hours will happen.

More often is day in day out that I can put the time, thus recording the full Lepanto battle was a doomed project which at the time sounded great – of note that the channel is NOT my hobby. I only use it as an outlet of recordings and sometimes entertain myself with some production value but the main objective is two fold – record games and hope to inspire others to try those games.

If you want to check the Lepanto series just go to the channel and browse.

Last weekend I brought the game down to host a game of Sails of Glory in the afternoon. After that I brought Captain’s Sea up during the week to refight the engagement of the HMS Endymion with the USS President.

Again the week energy was low and did not manage to finish it but I will in the weekend.

On the documentation side of the shelves I’ve been glowing with joy reading through ‘The Dutch Moment: War, Trade, and Settlement in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World’ by Wim Klooster.

Hands down, as it goes, the best history book I’ve picked up this year. Bar none. Granted that the theme is straight up my interest alley – 17th century, naval – but let not that put you off. The book is exactly what any book on history should be – fact, direct, connecting the factors, present the contextual reality of the period and above all point out all the documentation with extreme correctness – so anyone cynic enough to doubt something because it doesn’t fit own “pop history” narrative may scour all the archives and documentation extensively and constantly referred to.

Have a good weekend !!!

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