The Caligo Chronicles – reboot

When I purchased the Solo Wargaming Guide I tried to put it to the test but, as I wrote, it fell on side given too big steps. I always looked forward to the revamp and how I would address some of the issues I managed to list as mistakes.

A lot has happened since and involving myself into actually designing a game ( if it gets published is another thing ) I matured a bit, just a bit, to a point where I could manage a new version of the chronicles.

I am still undecided on what exact period to fall into IF I abandon the classical era ( or medieval ) and push Dawn of Battle to the side.

Sidenote: with the help of Mike Nagel and approval of Worthington the Tabletop Simulator module for Dawn of Battle is now public, so there’s no excuse.

I will refer to some entries of Sylvester’s book but will not lean hard on it. It is definitely IMHO the best book to get any campaign going, solo or not.

I know the hype has been strong about Henry Hyde book, Wargaming Campaigns. Given I have yet to be able to buy it without having to pay massive customs from outside EU I can live without it – in truth from all the reviews I have not been totally convinced that I will use it that much but no problem in helping Henry as he put a lot of hours into writing it.

Opposed to the masses I did go back to the RPG books and how the campaigns are ruled. Is not meant to follow any given rules but to note what may work and what will not.

I remade the map just because I felt like messing around with the software and not go deep with my usual Adobe choice, so Wonderdraft it was with some nifty packs from pratreon’age and creative commons.

The result is pleasing and readily imported into Tabletop Simulator.

Simple grid, simple rules of supply – which can be easily done with Dawn of Battle by usage of Wagons ( I still smack my head against the wall for being blind to that simple solutions ).

Of course TTS gives an instant ability to mess around with the table and for the campaign level I just had a bit of fun trying some visuals.

The square grid will allow an easy 6×6 battlefield design using the campaign map elements if present or if not just a few landmarks with the odd piece of terrain.

This is the long run project maybe with input from community now and then for a major power decision or who knows, maybe a future Patreon’age to take over a named general…

Have a good weekend.


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