Fidelis Cronica I.Annias (a)

Fidelis Cronica of the First Triarch Wars,
by Sallastias Arrigenes, Respublica Aedile and Prime Scriptor

using personal experiences accompanying both armies as observer and first and second hand sources and interviews

Book I
Foundation Year 2775
Month Annias

On this first day of Annia, first month of the year 2775 since the Foundation, the Wars started. Not with a battle but with wolves growling and falcons screaming.

The Augurs saw it coming as their reading had been rather precise when the past year two events nullified each other. The Comet and the Eclipse on the same day. It has been over two thousand years since it happened. Two thousand and sixty five years, we have been told. As always we convinced ourselves we were concerned but rather, like innocent children, we put our trust in the gods’ benevolence rather than turning attention to the understanding of the message. I believe it is too late now as a new era dawns on the republic once again. I will explain.

A rather ambiguous event took place on the 27th day of Viator, Foundation year 2774, when both pro-consuls, Orm Dagyakias and Varitelle Arki, were found dead in the vicinity of the Senatorial Chambers. There were no external signs of physical violence and the possibility of poisoning is not excluded yet.

Once the news hit the Chambers the next day, the Centuriate and the Curiate, both were immediately vacated with accusations of assassination flying like throw daggers as Patricians of both parties, Caerula and Rubri, swore vengeance over the killing of their own Consul and no reasonable voices from the Chamberlains could convince them otherwise. Accusations followed by the totality of the assemblies becoming vacant as they joined their respective Cohorts.

Our sacred Vella Rem Respublica, the republic of the gods and mortals, lives yet through another accursed civil war, between a red king and a blue throne.


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