captain’s log 2022.Oct.15

Several changes coming into the rules after a lot of try outs.

Also a big slice of test were done with the sizes and after a suggestion on trying “domino pieces” sizes I exploded the ship pieces and it works great.

Testing the mounted pieces.

Until the next post. Stay strong, keep wargaming.

‘A Sprinkling of Nobility’ is a wargame design without any link to any publisher. Rules are in a playable alpha state. Visuals are just a working prototype. Anyone interested in supporting the project in whatever form, please contact me.


    1. Thank you. After the initial rush now I am taking it more paced. I think the visuals are okay for an eye candy prototype.
      Writing the rules I found out that I did fall into some traps – doing exactly what I dislike in rules books and that gave me a new understanding from the designers point of view !
      Oh yeah the work on scenarios … is a time sponge. I could go with run of the mill napoleonic stuff but I rather not. No matter how long it takes.

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